Black men have a time finding the right beard products. Mostly because of the texture of their hair, mostly course and curly. Finding products to lock in moisture, add, shine and soften the beard is the goal. All while maintaining growth. This is due to the lack of grooming products for black and brown me! It’s evident in all advertising, commercials and in the ingredients used in most products. Bearded King’s products are made specifically for brown and black men. Although they are not limited to these me our products were hand crafted to tailor to their needs. Listed below are the do’s and don’t of black and brown grooming.

• Never wash your beard with hair shampoo. Why: Hair shampoo is meant for your hair and scalp. It was never intended for your face. Your facial skin is sensitive. When washing your beard with hair shampoo your facials skin become irritated resulting to drying and bearddruff (dandruff).

• Stay away from harsh chemicals. Creams and liquids that contain isopropyl alcohol strips the natural oils from both the skin and facial hair. This causes dry, brittle, dehydrated hair, increasing the risks of split ends. Once the beard becomes dry and brittle hair will fall out causing patches.


• Drink plenty of water! Hydration is key! Healthy inside produces healthy outside! 
• Find a beard/face wash that moisturizes your face and your beard hair. But make sure it’s gentle enough for your face. 
• Apply Bearded King Growth oil 2-3x daily. After cleansing your beard massage Bearded Kong’s growth oil thoroughly throughout your beard. Give extra attention to your roots and follicles. This will increase circulation and unclog pores.

A great beard product that enhances natural oils is the secret to a beautiful healthy beard.