How to use Bearded King Growth Oil like a Pro!

Knowing WHEN to use Bearded King Growth Oil

It's quite simple, the best time to apply the oil is right after a shower. 

WHY... Warm water opens up your pores which make it easiest to fill the hair follicles. Dry your beard with a dry face towel. Its important that you don't completly dry your beard. Leaving the beard damp is perfect. Oil and damp hair are the perfect combination. 

Heres why... the dampness of your beard will help lock in moisture within your hair shaft. This also helps increase natural luster and shine from your hairs. 


The perfect amount of Bearded King Growth Oil

Its often misunderstood that you need a large amount of oil for your beard to be conditioned and grow. But thats a HUGE misconception. You only need a few drops to effectively moisturize and condition your beard daily. Once you've grasped the concept of "small amount" the growth and conditioning will take care of itself. 

WHY... Using too much oil will clog your pores. As stated in our other blog posts, clogged pored is the reason for many under-grown beards. Beards cant reach their full potential while pores are clogged. Clogged pores increase ingrown hairs, split ends, bearddruff (dandruff) and complete hair loss( patches). 

A few drops will do the trick. I promise you'll thank me later. LESS IS MORE KINGS! You need just enough to enhance your natural oils. A few drops will keep your beard moisturized and conditioned while increasing growth daily no need to over saturate your beard. 

P.S Ladies hate greasy beards. 


Add it to your regular routine QUICK, SIMPLE & EASY steps to follow.

  1. Take a nice warm shower, damp-dry your beard. (Never blow dry your beard)
  2. Put a few drops of your beard oil in your hands 
  3. Apply from root to tip. Its important to massage your cheeks( hair follicles) this increases circulation and decreases ingrown hairs. Two of the leading causes of patchy beards.
  4. All excess oil massage through hairs to enhance heard shine and luster.