Is Steaming the beard beneficial?

Benefits your beard gains from routine steams



Steam reduces the amount of split ends and breakage by increasing moisture. Moisture is increased by almost 25% after steaming. The steam not only helps lock in moisture but it also works hand in hand with the added oils to aids in the increase of natural oils our bodies produce naturally. Moisture and conditioning adds to the strength of the beard eliminating breakage and split ends if done routinely. 

Course Beards:

For all my Kings that struggle with the extra course beards, steaming is your friend. Steaming softens the beard without the excess heat of a straightener. Again, the steam increases the moisture and the moisture aids in softening the beard. 


Steam increases blood flow and circulation which is a major factor in beard growth. Poor circulation and blood flow causes death to hair follicles leading to hair loss and patches within the beard. . 


Also know as Dandruff. Again, steam aids in the increase of moisture. Moisture virtually eliminates dandruff whether its your beard or your head. MOISTURE IS KEY!



        If you suffer from beardruff, dryness, breakage and hair loss. You may want to be gin steaming two-three times monthly. Within a month you'll see and feel the difference within your beard. Not only will your beard be growing, it will also have a natural shine and feel much softer than at the start of your steaming.