Having healthy skin and body helps produce shiny, soft beard hair.

• Drink plenty of water. You should drink half your body weight in water daily. This is not only good for your beard but great for your mind, body and soul!

Washing The Beard

• When washing your beard always massage from your face to the end of your beard hairs. Massaging your hair follicles, increasing circulation and unclogging pores. This process will decrease hair bumps and fill in those patchy spots. 
• Use Bearded King Growth oil after you’ve thoroughly washed your bearded. Leave your beard a little damp when applying the oil, the water will help lock in the moisture.
• The Bearded King Growth oil not only keeps your beard growing it also enhances natural shine, tones skin and prevents clogged pores that result into ingrown hairs.

African American men’s hair is naturally course and curly so it’s more common for hair to grow inward causing ingrown hairs and what we refer to as razor bumps. The Vitamin E oil in the Bearded King Growth oil will soothe and heal razor bumps ultimately eliminating them with proper use.