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Beard Roller

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The 540 titanium micro needles create microscopic channels that activate the body's natural healing process, stimulates blood flow and increases hair growth. The 0.25mm needle roller can be used every two days or as often as your skin allows. 

The Beard Roller increases blood circulation, stimulates follicles and increases absorption of beard products being used. Stimulates natural collagen, activates stem cell production, and increase keratin which increases hair growth.


Roll in each direction 10x while applying minimal pressure. Use every two days or as often as your skin may tolerate. 

Results can be seen within 6 weeks. Results include thicker hair growth and new hair growth in places that may have not been growing before using the roller. 

How to clean the Beard Roller

  • Rinse under warm water for 3-5 seconds
  • Pour isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in a small dish and soak roller for 60 minutes to thoroughly sanitize the Beard Roller
  • Rinse Beard Roller for 60 seconds after soaking in warm water
  • Lay on paper towel upside down to air dry