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Our 100% bamboo beard combs are great for detangling your beard and reducing split ends.  Handcrafted to be strong and get the job done, all while being beautifully designed and finished to the highest standards. 


Knowing WHEN to use Bearded King Wooden Comb

It's quite simple, the best time to use the Bearded King Wooden Comb is anytime! But especially after using Bearded King Growth Oil and Beard Balm. 

WHY... Using the Wooden Bearded King comb not only helps distribute products evenly, it also effectively detangles the beard. The smooth finish of the wooden comb allows it to glide through your beard effortlessly. With little to no tension, static or hair breakage.

Benefits of using the Bearded King Wooden Comb 


Less Static

Unlike plastic combs the Bearded King Wooden comb creates far less static making hair less likely to break.


Since the comb has no rough edge it creates less snagging. Word of advice, be careful how you care for your comb. Wood is known to swell and splinter if left in water for long periods of time. So its important to only cleanse your comb with oil. 


Bearded King wooden comb evenly distribute natural oils from scalp to hair.


Scientists suggest that wooden combs massage and stimulate blood circulation promoting hair growth. 



Add it to your regular routine QUICK, SIMPLE & EASY steps to follow.

  1. Take a nice warm shower, damp-dry your beard. (Never blow dry your beard)
  2. Put a few drops of your beard oil in your hands 
  3. Apply from root to tip. Its important to massage your cheeks( hair follicles) this increases circulation and decreases ingrown hairs. Two of the leading causes of patchy beards.
  4. All excess oil massage through hairs to enhance heard shine and luster. 
  5. Use Bearded King comb to help evenly distribute oil, detangle and stimulate blood circulation